Voice Chat 2.2 PTR [Public Test Realm]

Sim Foi Anuciado Que Agora WOW tera suporte Voip Que Finaliza sistema externos como TeamSpeak e Ventrilo

Passando Focar Dentro Do Game Essa Mudanca Ja Esta Ativa Patir de 10 De Agosto as 4;30 AM de Brasilia

Acabo De Testala A Conexao Ficou Realmente excelente nao ouve cortes por mais que minha voz vai do EUA E Volte pro Brasil 🙂 ficou Muinto Simples de Se Usar Voce Escolhe sala que vai ficar no VoiceChat E Quando Quiser Falar voce Pode Bindar uma tecla ou usar ativacao por voz que conforme “pressao”

*Nao Existe Previsao Pro Proximo Patch eu Sugiro ums 2 meses


Topic Original :

We will be activating Voice chat on the PTR with the new build tomorrow morning August 10th.

Voice chat is currently available only for parties, raids and custom channels; there is no cross-server battleground voice chat at this time.

Please be aware, that this is a brand new feature and although it has been tested by Blizzard QA there are still many outstanding issues and we expect to find many more as we roll it out to a larger test group. Please be diligent in reporting bugs either via this forum or the in-game feedback tool, and be patient with us while we work out the kinks in this new system.

In order to facilitate additional testing, a second PVP server has been brought online, and the server population limits have been increased to lessen queues.


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